Talit Making Workshop

Design and make your own hand-painted silk talit with Joy in a fun and fulfilling workshop.

The memory of making your talit with your painting buddy will last forever. Anyone can silk paint....no experience needed in art. Contact Joy at joysilkpaint@gmail.com and schedule your group or private workshop.  When you have a group of 3 or more participants, Joy will bring the workshop to your group's location.  All that's needed is a space with tables and access to a sink. A one-on-one private workshop is available at Joy's home studio. Making your talit is a one session workshop taking 3-4 hours. Your finished silk-painted panels will be sewn by Joy's professional seamstress and returned to you as your talit in approximately 3 weeks. You can also ask Joy to design the talit for you or work from your design, and she will paint it according to your specifications!  

Upcoming Events

Contact Joy for upcoming events.